Frequently asked questions

What is AKUDEX Acupuncture?

AKUDEX Acupuncture is a reference work for topics related to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. With over 360 acupuncture points and over 150 ear acupuncture points, it is one of the most compact acupuncture atlases available to the user electronically. Unlike other apps, AKUDEX Acupuncture also offers a classification and brief overview of the study situation of acupuncture for common indications, such as chronic back pain, among others.

What sets AKUDEX apart from other apps?

  • Compact and clear presentation of body and ear acupuncture
  • Classification of more than 150 classical foods with regard to mode of action and indication according to the teachings of traditional Chinese dietetics
  • Summary of more than 80 scientific articles and source references from over 50 reference books
  • Full text search through the AKUDEX database

Can I test AKUDEX free of charge?

To test AKUDEX 7 days for free, you only need to register. No billing address or payment details are required. After the 7 days your account will be reduced to the free content. Your account will not be automatically renewed and there are no additional costs.

What prerequisite do I need for a successful payment via credit card?

Please note that our payment provider only accepts credit cards that use 3D Secure. The 3D Secure solution is also marketed under other names, for example Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode, J/Secure and Dankort secured by Nets. 3D Secure is in most cases an extra step in the payment process where the cardholder enters a number/code sent to your cell phone during the payment process for additional verification. To enroll your credit card for this, please contact your bank or credit card issuer directly or check their website for further instructions.

What payment options does AKUDEX offer?

AKUDEX can be purchased by credit card via the website or by smartphone via the Apple AppStore or the Google Play Store. Payment via PayPal is also possible on request. If you do not wish to or cannot pay online by card, please contact us by email at [email protected] to arrange an alternative payment method.

How can I cancel my AKUDEX subscription?

To cancel your AKUDEX subscription, navigate to the profile section. There you will find the Invoices section. Under Invoices you will find the link to the "Stripe Billing Center". Here you can click the "Cancel subscription" option, which will stop the automatic renewal of the subscription. The subscription will continue until the paid end date. Alternatively, you can send your cancellation to [email protected] by email.

How can I cancel my AKUDEX subscription via the app?

To cancel your AKUDEX subscription, you can do this in 2 ways
  • If you have purchased the full version of AKUDEX via an in-app purchase, we ask you to cancel the subscription via the corresponding service provider.
  • If you purchased your subscription on our homepage. Then please follow the instructions above.
Alternatively, you can also send your cancellation to [email protected] by e-mail.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your AKUDEX account, navigate to the profile section. There you will find the section "Delete account". Follow the instructions to permanently delete your account. This will also terminate your subscription.

Which browser should I use?

AKUDEX runs flawlessly with the latest updates of all major browsers. Don't worry! Usually the browser updates itself automatically, so you should always be up to date. The following browsers have proven themselves in our tests: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge. Please note: older browsers, such as Internet Explorer 8-11, are no longer supported.

How can I send you feedback?

Thank you for improving the user experience of AKUDEX. With every feedback we can improve AKUDEX. Feel free to send us an email([email protected]) with both praise and criticism.

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